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Coronavirus and digital marketing

published : 05-03-2020

how is coronavirus impacting digital marketing? what should we do as marketers? is there a change in the behavior of our targeted segments

Coronavirus and digital marketing
before we go into it here are some fact about Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, was first reported in Wuhan, China. It has now spread to several countries around the world. as patient zero was in china, china is the most affected by the virus outbreak
as we all know China is one of the best options for Drop-shippers and as the virus is spreading out in China a lot of countries stopped accepting goods coming from China and that is killer for a lot of drop-shippers
let's dive into the effects of coronavirus on digital marketing,

  • 1. People are Searching For Query Trends?

    According to google trend, there is a huge spike in interest for keyword "coronavirus" in all languages, google trend is showing interest as high as 100 across all markets.

  • 2. Advertise trends

    but be careful because Facebook has banned all ads promising for coronavirus cure you can use ads to sale coronavirus face masks but not something that can cure coronavirus add the keyword coronavirus while targeting some of the trends nowadays like masks, cleaning supplies and a lot more trends that is seeing a spike because of coronavirus

  • conclusion

    first thing first drop-shippers should take a break and to get full advantage of the business opportunities,

    • 1. Do a regular search on google trends and also review search query reports then make a list of those queries that are consuming cost but not leading for results and start eliminating those keywords
    • 2. Keep optimizing your bids for those keywords who are working well for you to keep driving results
    • 3. Follow the trends and give free advice about coronavirus and start getting more leads for future use

Author: Sarp Albayrak

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